Larry Elder's Candidacy Highlights The Absolute Lunacy Of The "Anti-Racism" Fanatics
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Earlier: LA TIMES’ Jean Guerrero Claims CA Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Elder Is “Shaped” By AMREN And Not Enough, Alas.

I know very little about Larry Elder. Way back in the year 2000 I read his book The Ten Things You Can't Say in America and wrote an appreciative follow-up column about it (October 31,  2000) writing

I applaud Larry Elder's efforts to open a crack of honesty in the wall of lies and self-deceptions that forms our public discourse. Now I am going to hammer my own wedge into the crack, in the hope of widening it just a little.

I followed with ten more things that, according to me, you couldn't say in America. With proper respect to Mr Elder, I think my ten were a tad less sayable than his ten.

I may—after 21 years I honestly can't remember—I may have taken inspiration for my column from Dan Seligman, who'd published his own take on Larry Elder's book here at a few days earlier.

Since then I have only been aware of Larry Elder from his appearances in commercial breaks on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show, where he is keeping alive the fine old American tradition of peddling patent medicines.

Now he's running in this special election in California today to unseat Governor Gavin Newsom. Latest polls I've seen don't give Larry Elder much of a chance, but good luck to him anyway. Newsom is a reptile; but he has the ruling class on his side, so the election result is a foregone conclusion. Even if Elder were to win on actual votes, he'll lose on ballot-stuffing.

Still, if Elder's run for Governor achieves nothing else, it's highlighted the lunacy of the anti-racism fanatics. Elder's black, but his positions on social issues are so un-woke, he's already been tagged (by black female state  Senator Sydney Kamlager) as "the black face of white supremacy."

Yeah, it's nuts. Also not very imaginative. Why not go all the way and call him "the black male heterosexual ablist face of white male heterosexual ablist supremacy"? Now that's woke!


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