Kritarchy Fail: Immigration "Judges" Confess Bias And Flee EOIR
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It is a routine claim by the kritarchs that they are just applying the law without regard for politics or policy.  That, of course, was a lie.  And now we have the confessions to prove that the kritarchy exists and it was engaged in a political program for a specific policy goal, electing a new people by mass immigration.  Kritarchs are fleeing the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the Executive Branch administrative courts for immigration cases and they are admitting it was all a political program.

Immigration Judge Charles Honeyman was nearing retirement, but he vowed not to leave while Donald Trump was president and risk being replaced by an ideologue with an anti-immigration agenda.

He pushed back against the administration the best he could. He continued to grant asylum to victims of domestic violence even after the Justice Department said that was not a valid reason to. And he tried to ignore demands to speed through cases without giving them the consideration he believed the law required.

But as the pressure from Washington increased, Honeyman started having stomach pains and thinking, “There are a lot of cases I’m going to have to deny that I’ll feel sick over.”

This month, after 24 years on the bench, the 70-year-old judge called it quits…

Honeyman, who is Jewish, makes no secret of the empathy he felt for the asylum seekers who appeared in his courtroom in Philadelphia and during temporary assignments to courts in Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas.

His grandparents had come from Eastern Europe through New York’s Ellis Island. “I always thought, ‘But for some quirk of the immigration system, I would be on the other side’” of the bench, he said.

He granted asylum more often than many other judges.

[Immigration Judges Are Quitting Or Retiring Early Because Of Trump, by By Molly Hennessy-Fiske, LAT, January 27, 2020]

And good riddance.  Blatantly partisan, blatantly political, insubordinate, and lawless.  Former Kritarch Honeyman was the poster boy for the illegal activity of kritarchs in the immigration bar.  And it does not end with him.

“They say they would have gladly worked another five or 10 years, but they just reached a point under this administration where they can’t,” he said. “It used to be there were pressures, but you were an independent judge left to decide the cases.”

It is clear that these kritarchs did not understand their position in the system, they are not an “independent judge.”  They are Executive Branch employees administering policy and programs.  They are not independent, but work under direction and instruction, like every other Executive Branch employee.  Honeyman claims to be an attorney, but he just arrogantly ignored the fundamental Constitutional issue, all Executive Branch authority stems from the President, the Chief Executive: “The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.”

And they are getting the message.  Those who want to play at being real judges are complaining and leaving, but importantly confessing they are doing so because of politics and policy, not working conditions or performance standards, though many low quality “judges” have both problems; women and minorities hardest hit.

But many judges came to see the new guidelines as a way for the Trump administration to carry out its agenda of increasing deportations and denying asylum claims, which the president has asserted are largely fraudulent.

Those judges say it is impossible to work under the new system and still guarantee migrants their due process rights.

“There are many of us who just feel we can’t be part of a system that’s just so fundamentally unfair,” said Ilyce Shugall, who quit her job as an immigration judge in San Francisco last March and now directs the Immigrant Legal Defense Program at the Justice & Diversity Center of the Bar Assn. of San Francisco. “I took an oath to uphold the Constitution.”

The Trump administration was “using the court as a weapon against immigrants,” she said.

Rebecca Jamil, who was also a judge in San Francisco before quitting in 2018, called it a “nearly impossible job.”

She said the judge appointed to replace her left after less than a year.

And it looks like the very existence of critics like and yours truly helped push them out.

The conflict intensified after the union filed a formal complaint about a Justice Department newsletter that included a link to a white nationalist website that waged anti-Semitic (sic) attacks on judges.

So, and her humble writers are effective.  Please donate!  Is the tide turning?  Is this the beginning of the beginning of the end for the kritarchy?  Time will tell,  But victories are here.  Kritarchs Honeyman, Jamil, and Shugall, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!



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