Kritarchs In The Immigration Bureaucracy Ignore Attorney General’s Instructions
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Just as USCIS bureaucrats wasted no time ignoring Jeff Sessions’s instructions on restricting asylum claims, so have #DeepState saboteurs in the immigration court system, the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).  In April,  Sessions ordered Immigration Judges to stop allowing unnecessary delays in immigration hearings for illegal aliens by using continuances, the systematic rescheduling of hearings.  The general purpose of the flood of continuances in immigration hearings was deliberate sabotage by Immigration Judges who supported illegal aliens.  The judges would delay cases until the backlog forced the government to give up on deportation hearings.  Basically, the continuance racket was an unwritten conspiracy between judges and the Treason Bar, an ongoing amnesty for illegal aliens all right under the government’s nose.

The EOIR amnesty is nothing new, VDare’s Juan Mann blew the whistle back in 2002, and your humble correspondent has been documenting the subversion for years following Mann.

Sessions was having none of that, at least ostensibly, and ordered it ended.  This should be no surprise, kritarchs in the EOIR want to make their own immigration policy, a policy of the alien always wins.  For too long these members of #TheResistance have been actively sabotaging enforcement by given illegal aliens ever more hearings even after they have been ordered deported.

According to a copy of the guidelines, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, the purpose of the new quota system will be to ensure “cases are completed in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.” The system sets up additional bench marks, penalizing those who refer more than 15 percent of certain cases to higher courts, or judges who schedule hearing dates too far apart on their calendars.

[Trump Administration, Seeking To Speed Deportations, To Impose Quotas On Immigration Judges, by Nick Miroff, WaPo, April 2, 2018]

That instruction is quite clear.  The immigration court amnesty is over.  However, Immigration Judge Brett Parchert of the Seattle EOIR apparently did not get the message.  He is continuing the Obama Regime Immigration Court Amnesty.  Parchert apparently thinks he is above the law and is moving to protect an illegal alien activist from deportation.  Despite there being no legal relief for illegal alien Maru Mora-Villalpando who announced to the world that she is in the United States illegal and working illegally, Parchert, instead of moving immediately on the merits of her claim against deportation (there were none) instead gave her a continuance to await her citizen daughter turning 21 so she can sponsor her mother for a green card, but any application will be denied because there is a legal 10 year bar to Mora-Villalpando entering or adjusting status in the United States.

At the hearing, Judge Brett Parchert denied Mora-Villalpondo’s motion to terminate her proceedings, but noted that because her daughter is about to turn 21 in August, she could file a visa petition that could secure her a green card.

Parchert asked her to return to court in January 2019 to review her case.

‘We Will Win’: Seattle-Area Immigrant Activist Sees Hope In Her Deportation Case, By Lynsi Burton, SeattlePI, June 26, 2018

Instead of a continuance, Parchert should have ordered her deportation.  She has no avenue for relief.  She faces a 10 year bar and she has admitted her illegal status.  There is no issue that requires a continuance.  Parchert instead acted to administer his own Administrative Amnesty in imperious style of Barack Hussein Obama.

It is time for Jeff Sessions to immediately remove Parchert for insubordination and gross incompetence.  Personnel is policy, and the EOIR needs the right personnel, not Brett Parchert.

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