Kotkin Advises GOP: Abandon Pro-Plutocrat Policies...Somehow Forgets Immigration
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Kotkin: Talk about Class, not Immigration

Having helped destroy California, Mass Immigration fanatic Joel Kotkin has joined the crowd offering advice to the GOP: OFF THE RAILS: HOW THE PARTY OF LINCOLN BECAME THE PARTY OF PLUTOCRATS NEWGEOGRAPHY.COM 11/23/2012 This was helpfully picked up by RealClearPolitics

No doubt reflecting his intellectual tradition, Kotkin’s comments are based on social class – and they are not invalid:

The party’s hodgepodge of corporate managerialism, social regressiveness, and, above all, protection of the plutocratic class is demonstrably not compelling to most Americans

Especially when considering the Obama reality

Republicans should identify him as an avatar of those who are doing best in our concussed economy, and presumably want things to stay that way. His most ardent backers include many of our richest, most celebrated citizens—fabulously wealthy Hollywood types, the Silicon Valley elite as well as those controlling our major media and universities. There’s a reason Obama bested Romney in eight of America’s 10 richest counties.

Completely missing in this discussion is the impact of immigration, as I noted in Why Does Joel Kotkin Want To Impoverish Skilled Americans?

But Joel Kotkin obviously thinks. Maybe he will come round.


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