Senator-Elect Ted Cruz and the Upcoming "Red, White and Blue" Gala
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Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz has been elected as senator from Texas, and Roy Beck at Numbers USA has high hopes for him:

Cruz qualified as one of NumbersUSA's True Reformers, having filled out our survey pledging to work to eliminate chain migration, visa lottery and birthright citizenship for illegal aliens, while supporting mandatory E-Verify and a lot more enforcement. Cruz won a Republican primary against an establishment-backed opponent out of the George Bush mold of anti-worker immigration policies.

Election gave us pretty much the same players in Congress — but our immigration position seems slightly improved

Roy Beck, Numbers USA, Nov. 7th, 2012

Let's hope that Roy Beck is right, we need all the help in the Senate we can get.

Note that Ted Cruz (whose father was born in Cuba and whose mother is of Irish and Italian ancestry) in today's ethnic categorization is considered "Hispanic". That means that the GOP leadership and its advisors, who have lost the last two presidential elections, are planning to use Cruz to get Hispanic voters. According to the Houston Chronicle:

A week after Thanksgiving, Senator-elect Ted Cruz will make his second trip to Washington since being elected to replace Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.Last time, the Houston Republican flew up for freshman orientation. This time, he’s the star of a political show.On Thursday, Nov. 29, Cruz will be headlining American Principles Projects’s (APP) inaugural “Red, White and Blue” gala.APP is a non-profit organization focused on “preserving and propagating the fundamental principles on which our country was founded.” Its Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles initiative has been actively lobbying Republicans to support “free-market solutions” to immigration, and engage Latinos on entrepreneurship and social issues such as abortion and traditional marriage.Frank Cannon, president of the APP, referred to Cruz as a “champion of Constitutional principles who will help guide us back to winning ideas.”Cruz, one of the 2012 up-and-coming stars of the Republican Party, has been outspoken about his belief that the Latino community is a profoundly conservative community.However, Republicans have a lot of work to do to close the Latino vote gap, considering that on Nov. 6, President Barack Obama beat the Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney 71 to 27 among Latino voters.

Ted Cruz to headline conservative DC gala that will woo Latino voters

Houston Chronicle, Nov. 21st, 2012

I wish Ted Cruz the best in the Senate, and I hope he remembers all those things he signed on Roy Beck's survey and works for them in the Senate. But really, if Hispanics are so conservative, why aren't they voting for conservatives already?

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