Keeping Up With Asia
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So what feeds have I got in my “Asia” category, a reader wants to know.

Not as much as I’d like, though I do my best to keep up with things over there.  A lot of the good Asia sites don’t have feeds—Bill Gertz, for example, doesn’t have one; though Gordon Chang does, at Forbes.

I’m sure some of the English-language newspapers in the Far East (including my old employer) must have columnists with RSS feeds, but I’ve never bothered to explore the field. 

Asia Times Online has a feed, so I can read the invaluable Spengler, and other excellent commentators.  Most of the rest of my “Asia” category is English-language blogs from China and Hong Kong.  (I can read Chinese, but grindingly slowly—so slowly it’s quicker to just throw the text into Google Translate when I need to read something, or call in the Mrs.)

Here for example is a post from last week in a blog titled Offbeat China, which often has worthwhile insights.  This post explores Chinese views on the Boston Marathon bombing.

Of course, there are also those who think the attack is very well deserved. Like netizen ??cm commented: “Because of US intrusion or invasion, countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria all suffer from explosions and attacks every so often. If the US keeps messing around, terrorist attacks targeted at the US will only increase. No matter how soon and well the US media do the reporting, it’s still the ordinary American people who are paying back.” Another netizen ???? commented: “The US is asking for troubles and fight-backs by imposing its values onto others.”

A thing that of course the Chinese would never do.  Right


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