When Google Reader Goes Away
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If you are coming to VDARE.com via Google Reader (perhaps following my recommendation) and are worried about what to do when Google discontinues that feature in July, the following may be helpful.

I’ve followed Razib, who is a very smart gink indeed, and been field-testing Feedly. (There are some alternative suggestions in the comment thread to that Razib post.  I haven't tried any of them.)

So far I’m happy.  Feedly hasn’t failed to do anything I wanted it to do. It coordinates instantaneously with Google Reader, so that any change you make to your Feedly layout shows up in Reader.

I have all my feeds organized in categories, with titles:

***01 Priority

***02 News

***03 Blogs

***04 National Question

***05 Science

***06 Asia

***07 Magazines

***99 Other

The numbers there just keep the categories in the order I like; the default is alphabetic. 

The leading asterisks are just to make the category headings stand out in Google Reader.  When I stop using Reader, I’ll scrub the asterisks.

A note on those category titles, though.  To edit a title, click on “Organize” at top left of the main Feedly window and move your cursor over the title in the “Organize” pane.  A wee pencil symbol appears to the right of the title.  Click on the pencil to edit your category title.

HOWEVER, if your title is too long—24 characters seems about the max—you can’t get at the pencil symbol to change your title.  So, short titles!



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