Rich Muslim Immigrant Celebrity's Post-Tsarnaev Advice To Americans: "Embrace Muslim Communities"
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Fareed Zakaria, the immigrant Muslim television personality and Washington Post columnist whose father was deputy leader of Indira Gandhi's party, has cogitated for almost a week on the Lessons of the Bomb Brothers. And this is what he has come up with in the WaPo:
A better way for America to integrate Muslims 
... The lesson from Europe appears to be: Embrace Muslim communities. ... Rather than ostracize or embarrass Muslims in the wake of Boston, the smarter move would be even greater outreach ... 

So, how much more should the Cambridge, Massachusetts, and American taxpayers have spent on the Tsarnaev family?

More generally, have you noticed that nobody even tries anymore to look disinterested and objective? You might think that Zakaria would think to himself, "I'm a Muslim, I'm an immigrant, and I've been embraced by America's elites to an embarrassing extent, so this would look really bad."

But, no, we are so far gone into Who-Whomism that Zakaria thinks to himself, "I'm a Muslim, I'm an immigrant, and therefore I should lecture Americans on how they have to embrace Muslim immigrants more ... like, for example, me!"

It's like how we're supposed to listen respectfully to Marco Rubio and Jeb and George P. Bush lecture us to elect a new people so that they, personally, can get elected President.

Disinterested is WASPish and unfashionable, while shamelessness is vibrantly diverse.

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