Both Conservatives And Liberals Suggest Limiting Muslim Admittance to US
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Is sanity breaking out after the Boston Marathon terror bombings about the foolishness of admitting Muslims to the US? There are tiny signs.

Nobody doubts the liberal cred of Democrat operative Bob Beckel. On Monday, he caused many a far-left jaw to drop with his suggestion on the Fox News show The Five that Muslim students are potentially dangerous characters and we should suspend visas for a couple years to sort things out. (Why not forever?)

Further remarks (Bob Beckel doubles down: Halt Muslim student visas, Washington Times, April 24):

“There are 75,000 Muslim students on visas in this country,” he said. “A student visa is easiest thing to get. One of people in 9/11 was on a student visa, and there have been others on student visas.

“How many of those have been looked at very carefully? That is one of problems. We can say only a few have gotten in on student visas but we have a lot of students here who may themselves harbor some feelings [of] resentment toward the United States. They come from countries where they are frankly brainwashed about the United States from the beginning. Their leaders don’t like the United States.”

Bringing Muslim students to this country is feel-good foreign policy on the cheap for the government, spreading the liberal ideals of the State Department while endangering Americans. There’s no evidence that educating enemies helps this country, yet the program soldiers on with little opposition.

Beckel also mentioned that 20 percent of the Muslims who entered by student visas never show up for class. Finding and expelling those visa violaters would be an intelligent thing to do from a public safety viewpoint.

Interestingly, radio host Laura Ingraham had an expanded version of the idea this week, that admitting asylees and even tourists, from hostile Islamic regions is a bad idea.

Are people finally waking up to the fact that Muslim immigration is a dangerous public policy and should end? Islam is the most powerful propaganda system in world history, with its promise of eternal heavenly virgins for jihadists and five-times-daily reinforcement ritual (aka prayers to Allah). The Boston bomber brothers seemed to be assimilating normally, but at some point the call of Islam took hold of their minds, and we know the rest.

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