Jussie's Hate Hoax: How Dumb Are The People Who Believed If?
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You'll recall that three years ago a black TV actor named Jussie Smollett staged a hate crime, claiming to have been beaten up by white devils wearing MAGA hats, calling him rude names, and leaving him with a noose round his neck.

And people—including some respectable, highly-paid journalists—believed him!

To believe a tale like that is beyond stupid. Can anyone think of an anti-black hate crime this century that wasn't a hoax?

The noose is a clear tell. Likewise spray-painted insults, counterclockwise swastikas, and "KKK" mis-spelled. OK, I made the last one up … but I wouldn't be surprised.

It is surely a well-known fact by now that the demand for anti-black hate crimes far outstrips the supply.

Well, this week Jussie went on trial facing six counts of felony disorderly conduct for lying to police. If convicted he faces up to three years in jail. Yeah, right, that'll happen.

When I was reporting this at the time I turned to the defendant's namesake, 18th-century English novelist Tobias Smollett. He did not disappoint::

I think for my part one half of the nation is mad—and the other not very sound.

Just so.

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