Julie Kelly Catches Another DC J6 Immigrant Judge Atrocity
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Whenever Donald Trump or some other patriot President regains the White House, awarding Julie Kelly the Presidential Medal of Freedom should be a top priority. Her indefatigable coverage of the Jan 6/Trump legal atrocities has been a tremendous service to the Nation.

H/T (as so often) to Revolver for a story they entitled DC appellate court hands down another doozy… This linked to a theadreaderapp.com Julie Kelly X post.

Kelly reports that the iniquitous Indian-born, Obama-appointed U.S D.C. District Court Judge Amit Mehta is at it again.

I last discussed this evil individual in Indian-Born Jan 6 DC Judge Abuses Terror Statutes To Help Build Communist Police State.

A new villain has to be added to the list of crazed D.C. Judges intent on converting America to a Left Police State.

The matter concerns Thomas Webster, a former NYPD cop, a former Marine who once worked security detail at Gracie Mansion. He approached the police line after he witnessed police officers assaulting protesters, including a woman.

Mehta refused to let the jury see several minutes of video before Webster confronted police. This is unbelievable. Appellate panel ENDORSED a sentencing enhancement bc Webster wore ”body armor” to protect himself.


The thug cop he confronted was the subject of a DC Metro investigation a few months after J6 for killing a suspect. Officer Noah Rathbun was put on leave pending investigation; DC Metro ruled in favor of Rathbun right before the trial began.

Mehta had already denied Webster’s motion to cross-examine Rathbun about the details of the incident and investigation.

Mayor Bowser refused to release Rathbun’s body cam footage of the killing.

So far, a picture of Officer Noah Rathbun has been impossible to find.

The crux of this atrocity at the Appeals level is, in Julie Kelly’s words:

Two Trump judges side with DOJ in denying appeal by Thomas Webster, former NYPD cop, related to change of venue and biased jurors that resulted in his conviction.

A full-throated endorsement of DC’s rigged legal and judicial system by Gregory Katsas and Neomi Rao

Only by returning to the age-old principle that trials should not be held in hopelessly prejudiced/intimidated venues can there be any hope of breaking this cycle of Democrat Show Trials.

In her X version of this post Kelly said:

Hey @mrddmia  you can take Katsas and Rao off any SCOTUS list for Trump. 

The whole D.C. Bench needs to be fired and the Judicial District merged with neighboring ones to eradicate this crazy bias (D.C. voted 92.2% for Biden in 2020!).

I note that both Katsas and Rao are the children of immigrants.

I agree with James Kirkpatrick: No ”Anglo-Saxon Legal Traditions” With No Anglo-Saxons.

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