The U.S. and Mexico Both Have Elections in 2024
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The U.S. has its presidential election every four years. Mexico has its presidential election every six years. So every twelve years, both countries have presidential elections the same year. This is one of those years.

Mexico’s election is scheduled for this Sunday, June 2nd. It pits two women against each other. The front-runner, Claudia Sheinbaum, of current Presidente AMLO’s party, is way ahead of Xochitl Galvez. But if either of those candidates were to win, Mexico would have a woman president. The male candidate, Jorge Alvarez Maynez, is way behind in the polls.

I’ve been writing about the election on my new Mexico News Report website. Click here for my article on the candidates, and here, here, and here for my articles on the presidential debates.

My latest article is a comparison and contrast of Mexican and American elections. Click here for that.

How does the Mexican election influence U.S. immigration policy? Is one candidate better for us than another?

My contention is that if we had a president who cared about the border, it wouldn’t matter a hill of beans what the Mexican president or any other Mexican politician said about immigration.

And, you know, our presidential election is just a little over five months away...


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