JournoFa Alarmed By VDARE Purchase Of Berkeley Springs Castle!
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Southern Poverty Law Center thug Michael Hayden (email him) just emailed us about the VDARE Foundation's recent purchase of Berkeley Castle in West Virginia:

Mike Hayden from SPLC here. I wanted to give you an opportunity to comment on a story I’m writing for Hatewatch. A group of residents from Berkeley Springs reached out to me with concerns about the castle you purchased, speaking critically of your organization. Many were concerned about the deleterious impact it will have on tourism, which is an important part of the local economy. This was hardly a small number, relative to the population of the town.

Did you want to comment on how you intend to use the castle?

I hope all is well otherwise. If you prefer phone, I can be reached at 334-320-6436.  

Thanks so much.


I replied (links added):

That’s funny, a LARGE group of residents (relative to the population of the town) spontaneously emailed to welcome us after local Leftists stated ululating. Of course, besides being beautiful, Morgan County voted 74% for Trump and what we’ve long advocated on immigration is basically what Trump outlined in his August 15 2015 position paper. So patriotism may not be as shocking to them as it is to you.

We look forward to being a vital part of the local economy and the business community in Berkeley Springs for years to come.

While we're on the subject, a Buzzfeed reporter also wrote me last week:

Writing you from BuzzFeed News, where I'm a senior reporter with a focus on technology and politics.

I'm heading to Berkeley Springs tomorrow to report a story about the town's reaction to your purchase of the castle. I'd love to sit down with you while I'm down there – I arrive tomorrow afternoon and will be in the area until Friday midday. My phone is 301-704-2549. Please feel free to reach out at any time, especially with food recommendations.

All best,

Joe Bernstein (email him)

Unfortunately, we were unable to meet with him.

Key donors urged us to buy a place where immigration patriots could meet after vicious Leftists convinced the hotels to repeatedly  cave and cancelled our conferences.

Obviously, they were right. JournoFa—the Main Stream Media expression of the Leftist AntiFa vigilante group—is really alarmed.

We will be in touch with you soon about events at our castle. Meanwhile, it is of course a huge financial gamble—please give generously, to help us make it work!

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