Coronavirus Plan: Black Female Philadelphia Police Commissioner Says Delay Arrests For "All Narcotics Offenses, Thefts, Burglary, Vandalism, Prostitution, Stolen Cars..."
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Previously by Paul Kersey: As Black Violence Rises in Philadelphia, New Black Female Police Commissioner's First Act Allows for More Stylish Finger Nails... An Act to Defeat White Supremacy Within Police Force

Independence Hall. The Liberty Bell.

Philadelphia: Where some of the most historic landmarks in the early stages of the American Republic, where white men gathered to debate and ultimately create the groundwork for a new nation on this continent. A civilization crafted by centuries of European people toiling and trying to implement a form of government that would best provide “for our posterity.”

But it is a city conquered by the wokeness, the anti-white sickness spreading across the land. Only a few years ago, a statue of the great Frank Rizzo was removed from Philadelphia City Hall. His crime? Being a white male who stood against the anti-white waters starting to flow in the 1960s and 1970s, becoming a torrent upending western civilization by 2020.

And now, with much of the nation in lockdown mode over the China Virus, Philadelphia’s first black Police Commissioner has just decided to unleash the black underclass—to which bulletproof glass at grocery stores/convenience stores was deemed an “indignity” to blacks by a black elected official—on the few remaining citizens still under the delusion Philly is part of western civilization.

Philadelphia police to delay arrests for certain non-violent crimes, Fox 29, March 17, 2020

PHILADELPHIA—In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Philadelphia police officers have been instructed to stop making arrests for certain non-violent crimes.

The department said individuals who would normally be arrested and processed at a detective division, will be temporarily detained to confirm identification and complete necessary paperwork. The individual will then be arrested at a later date on an arrest warrant.

FOX 29’s Steve Keeley reports the non-violent crimes include the following:

  • All narcotics offenses
  • Theft from persons
  • Retail theft
  • Theft from auto
  • Burglary
  • Vandalism
  • All bench warrants
  • Stolen auto
  • Economic crimes
  • Prostitution

“We are supportive of Commissioner Outlaw’s directive on making arrests during the Coronavirus crisis,” FOP Lodge #5 President, John McNesby said, “The directive was released to keep officers safe during this public-health crisis. Meanwhile, violent offenders will be arrested and processed with the guidance of a police supervisor.”

“For our posterity.”

The Founding Fathers failed in only thing: the Naturalization Act of 1790 should have preceded the Constitution of the United States of America, or been part of the Bill of Rights.

In a city where the Soros-funded district attorney has basically declared war on prosecuting black criminals who commit murder/gun violence, the first black female Police Commissioner has turned the city over to the black underclass responsible for almost all of the crime in the city.

Broken-windows policing is retired, with "All narcotics offenses, thefts, burglary, vandalism, prostitution, stolen cars…" no longer criminal acts in the eyes of the state.

If you  were writing an updated version of Journal of the Plague Years, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more worthy starting point than this story of life at the end of the American experiment…

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