Joe Biden's Population Policy (You Can't NOT Have A Population Policy )
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We got a glimpse this week of Joe Biden's immigration policy.

There was nothing at all surprising about it. An end to immigration enforcement; amnesty and citizenship for ten million, twenty million—however many it is—illegal aliens; 125,000 so-called "refugees" a year, … the works.

This all emerged from a task force [PDF, 110 pp.] the Democrats set up to reconcile Biden's position with those of Bernie Sanders. You may have forgotten by now, but Bernie was running strong in the primaries earlier this year, and one of the fears of the Biden people is that those Bernie voters won't turn out for Joe in November.

That's particularly a fear in California, Colorado, and Nevada, which Bernie Sanders won in the primaries with heavy support from Latinos. Other states like Arizona and Florida with a lot of Latinos are also worrisome to the Democrats. Hence the need for a Sanders-Biden patch-up pitched especially at Latinos.

The task force report, which came out on Wednesday, had almost nothing to say about legal immigration. No, I didn't read all 110 pages of the filthy thing; but I did Ctrl-F on things like "guest worker" and "H-1B," with zero results.

That means I can't frame these proposals in the larger context of a Joe Biden population policy. As I keep telling you: You can't not have a population policy. You have a population policy whether or not you know you do, and whether or not you're comfortable talking about it.

I'm sure Joe Biden isn't comfortable talking about it. I'm sure, in fact, he would be outraged at the suggestion that he has a population policy. Once again, though: You can't not have a population policy; you can only have a good one or a bad one. To judge from this task force report, Joe Biden has a really, really bad one.

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