Jason Kessler Press Release: Law Clerks Removed From Unite The Right Lawsuit
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Earlier: Charlottesville Narrative Collapse Seen In Jason Kessler Lawsuit and Sam Dickson Writes On Jason Kessler's Call For Law Clerks To Recuse Themselves In Charlottesville Suit

Jason Kessler has just put up this press release on his own site.

Press Release: Law Clerks Removed From Unite The Right Lawsuit

Law clerks Hutton Marshall and Joshua Lefebvre have just been removed from a lawsuit by Unite the Right organizers Jason Kessler and Matthew Parrott against the Charlottesville government for civil rights abuse and First Amendment violations from the police stand down.

It came to light that both clerks are associates of Elizabeth Sines, a left-wing activist suing the same Unite the Right organizers in a related lawsuit dealing with much of the same subject matter. In fact, Lefebvre was actually a material witness who met with Sines on August 12 after the rally while she was conceiving her litigation. Marshall also worked with Amy Spitalnick, executive director of Integrity First, the organization financing the Sines lawsuit.

Effective immediately Judge Moon has removed both clerks from Kessler v Charlottesville.

Read the evidence against the clerks here: http://jasonkessler.us/2020/03/24/motions-filed-for-recusal-of-charlottesville-rally-clerks/

Read the successful motion for recusal here: https://tinyurl.com/ybxob25b

Read the order granting our motion here: https://docdro.id/jBp9OmG

Read the Kessler v Charlottesville lawsuit here: https://docdro.id/MxfDgjb

When lawyer Sam Dickson heard about this case, he commented

I've never heard of seeking to recuse law clerks before. [Motions to Recuse Filed Against Biased Charlottesville Rally Clerks [Read Here] Jason Kessler.us, March 24, 2020]

But it is a reality that they do write almost all decisions for the judges.

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