Jared Taylor On Bodrum: "Dissecting Taboos on the Aegean"
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Jared Taylor has written up his trip to Bodrum, Turkey, to speak to Hans-Herman Hoppe's celebrated Property and Freedom Society. (We have published Taylor's speech: A Brief History Of American Race Relations–Conflict Is Inherent; Tragedy Is Frequent. )

Dissecting Taboos on the Aegean.Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, September 27, 2013
I have just returned from a speaking engagement at the most enjoyable conference I have ever attended—the eighth annual meeting of the Property and Freedom Society, held in Bodrum, Turkey. The meeting was unusual in many ways, but what struck me as an American was the diversity. Among the 120 or so participants were people from Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Turkey, Australia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Britain, Hong Kong, Canada, and Greece—and these were just the people I happened to meet. There was an American who lives in the Ukraine and another who lives in Estonia. A professor at Nazarbayef University in Kazakhstan brought his pleasant blonde wife. There was a member of the Lithuanian parliament, and a brother and sister from the family of one of the Viceroys of India.
Equally remarkable was the setting: a quietly luxurious hotel in the resort town of Bodrum, which is known as the Saint Tropez of Turkey. Meals, service, and evening entertainment were superb. [More]

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Both Peter Brimelow and John Derbyshire have written up their experiences in Bodrum.

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