James Bond Turning Black—And No Complaints Allowed!
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triggermortisAnthony Horowitz, the author of the latest James Bond novel says black actor Idris Elba  (above left) who played Stringer Bell on The Wire, is "too street" to play the fictive spy.

Ta-Nehisi Coates says Horowitz should just admit that Elba is too black. "Just be honest and say 'James Bond's being white is important to me' and be done with it," Coates tweeted.

I agree. I'll say it. James Bond's being white is important to me because James Bond is a white man.

But this is all part of the leftist mission to recast every traditional role featuring a white man as either a black, woman, Asian or Hispanic.

Recall how Slate reimagined "The Godfather," and the idea to recast Race Bannon, Nordic-looking he-man of the Jonny Quest action cartoon. Recall also the silliness over a woman Dr. Who.

Naturally, Horowitz has apologized. Then again, he's no James Bond.

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