J.T. Ready, Born-Again Liberal, Dead In AZ Mass Murder
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In covering Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome at VDARE.com (latest one here), we've always said the multiple killing is not, alas, a job Americans won't do. The latest proof of this: the death of Arizona Minuteman J.T. Ready and several members of his family in Phoenix this afternoon. Press reports suggest Ready himself may have been the shooter. (Ariz. border militia leader kills 3 adults, infant and self, by Michael Winter, USA Today, May 2, 2012).

We all know what is going to happen now: an anti-immigration patriot Leftist witch-hunt. As I wrote after a Vietnamese immigrant killed 13 people in upstate New York in 2009:

If the killer in the Binghamton immigration center massacre had been a white American, I have no doubt that much of the VDARE.COM Editorial Collective would be in police custody right now. After all, the Treason Lobby has gotten its anti-Hispanic "Hate Crime" hysteria on to the national agenda with no significant evidence at all.

And subsequently, indeed, American Renaissance's Jared Taylor never received any MSM apologies for being "linked", entirely falsely, with the shooter of Rep. Gabrelle Giffords—part of yet another anti-conservative Leftist witch-hunt that Sarah Palin, to her great credit, helped stop by bluntly describing it as a "blood libel."

So let the record show that when VDARE.com last looked at J.T. Ready, we were analyzing the way his "neo-Nazi" posturing was being used to smear Arizona immigration patriots—and we were able to quote a Phoenix Leftoid, Terry Greene Sterling, who wrote in the Daily Beast:

[T]hese days, Ready says, he has had a change of heart. In a quirky flip flop that could only happen in Arizona, the 37-year-old alleged Nazi spins himself as more of a liberal than some of the mainstream politicians running for office on a secure-the-borders platform. 

 'My view has significantly changed since I've been patrolling the desert,' Ready asserts.  He's're-evaluated' a lot of things and has 'modified' his earlier views. He is no longer a member of the National Socialist Party, he says. Bumping into migrants in the desert who are thirsty, hungry, and injured has opened his 'whole humanitarian side.' 

'I no longer see them as invaders,' he claims. 'I see them as economic refugees.' (Links added)

I note that Ready was running for Sheriff of Pinal County, Paul Babeu's former post—as a Democrat. 

I also note that among the dead was a little girl who seems to have been exactly the same age as my own daughter, Felicity.

Let light perpetual shine upon them.


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