Norfolk Beatings Suppression: The Age Of Obama Paradigm In Action
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Ex-Virginian Pilot Publisher Maurice Jones: Failed upward  into Obama Administration?

A helpful reader drew my attention to World Net Daily’s follow up on the Norfolk Beatings suppression scandal: Cops flay newspaper in Norfolk black-mob attack by Joe Kovacs May 2cnd 2001.

Outrageously, the Norfolk Police are indeed apparently angry the Virginian-Pilot did eventually break its two-week silence. But they are not unwilling to insinuate the victims are lying too, the Departmental spokesman saying of the crowd:

“It seems like the number continues to grow, but we weren’t there. So we’re kind of at the mercy of our victims.”

The Department simply denies the very damning account by the victims of what the officer on the spot said.

Actually the comment thread on the original Virginian-Pilot story A beating at Church and Brambleton Michelle Washington May 1 2012 is heavily laden with detailed accounts of the Norfolk Police reacting to other examples of black urban mayhem in exactly the same way. Hardly surprising when one considers the acting Police Chief is an elderly woman whose website entry states her top priority is to

Strengthen community partnerships and trust


Acting Chief Chamberlin: "Community Partnership" above apprehension of criminals.

With great symbolic appropriateness, the Publisher of the Virginian-Pilot until he was sworn in as Deputy Secretary of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) the Monday after the event was a Black (and former Rhodes Scholar): Maurice Jones.

Shamefully, the Virginian-Pilot is locally owned. So this whole disgrace is a paradigm of the Age of Obama: An agreement between a White economic elite and a cadre of pampered and privileged Blacks to be congenially PC - resulting in the law-abiding being unprotected from the depredations of the feral black underclass.

My correspondent remarked:

I've been in Norfolk on business a couple of times in the last three years and had the impression that it was much like Atlanta - a basically black run city hosting major business headquarters like the Norfolk Southern Railroad. A city that, despite all the cosmetic central area fixup, could easily explode.


SBPDL supplies a good backgrounder on Norfolk here.

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