John Kelly Again Sabotages Immigration Enforcement
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John Kelly is turning out to be the Alger Hiss of immigration enforcement. Kelly, like Hiss, portrays himself as a loyal and tough American, while the truth is that he is a saboteur and enthusiast for massive illegal immigration.

In a recent blog post,'s Patrick Cleburne asked the important question: why is Kelly on the warpath against the historic American nation?   [Trump PSYOP Illegal Immigration Triumph Reversed By DHS Chief Kelly. Why?,  April 18, 2017] President Trump's rhetorical war on illegal immigration is having its effect, fear is a strong motivator, it is the mind killer.

Fear is very effective. And it has started working, measurably. As this writer said before, even rumors of enforcement work; panic among illegal aliens is good.

But  John Kelly has instead instructed his subordinates to deny rumors of enforcement and himself proposed, then walked back additional actions to discourage illegal entry as Patrick Cleburne illustrated and I exposed previously. [John Kelly, You’re No Jumpin’ Joe Swing,  February 14, 2017] It seems that Kelly is deliberately undermining the psychological effects of enforcement actions and the talk of enforcement actions.

Well, Kelly is at it again. He talks a little tough, then he backs off. First the tough talk:

As I reported back in March, we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in illegal migration across the southwest border. In fact, March apprehensions were 30 percent lower than February apprehensions—and 64 percent lower than the same time last year.
These numbers are lower because we’ve shown that we’re serious about border security and enforcing our immigration laws. We have ended catch and release and also focused on apprehending, prosecuting and convicting the traffickers, or “coyotes,” themselves. We have significantly increased detainers for deportation. And we have arrested more criminal aliens. We will continue to expand our approach to include the prosecution of anyone—including family members—that pay the traffickers especially when it involves children under the age of 18.
[Home and Away: DHS and the Threats to America, Remarks delivered by Secretary Kelly at George Washington University Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, by John Kelly, Speech,, April 17, 2017]
However, catch-and-release remains, as I have pointed out in two articles on First, DHS components arrested illegal aliens in Santa Cruz, CA, in a massive raid on illegal alien gangmembers, but immediately released many of the arrestees.
This is interesting for its own sake, but also depressing for immigration patriots. The HSI spokesman just admitted that HSI is not following instructions from the President and DHS Secretary John Kelly that “catch and release” of illegal aliens has ended.
[Sedition In Santa Cruz: Arrest Treason Cops Vogel, Flippo!,, March 19, 2017]
And I noted the release of illegal alien political activists and an illegal alien gangbanger in Oregon. [DHS Goes Full #Cuck On The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty March 30, 2017]

Then Kelly tells DHS employees that they will enforce the law and not apologize for it.

We will never apologize for enforcing and upholding the law.

We will never apologize for carrying out our mission.

We will never apologize for making our country more secure.

We ask for nothing more than respect and your support. We don’t do this for the thank yous—we do this keep America strong, secure, and free.

We live in a dangerous world. Those dangers are increasing, and changing speed and direction every single day.

But every day, we are vigilant. We are prepared. And we will do our jobs.

But Kelly the next day ordered DHS employees to effectively apologize for doing their job and release an illegal alien, give him a year of relief and employment authorization, effectively rewarding this illegal alien with eventual citizenship. That's not doing our job.
A Mexican man backed by New Jersey's two U.S. senators in his battle to avoid deportation after living illegally in the United States for 26 years won a one-year reprieve on Tuesday, the government said.
Catalino Guerrero, a 59-year-old grandfather from Union City, New Jersey, who has also received the backing of Catholic and other religious leaders, was granted a stay of removal for one year, a spokesman for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.
U.S. Senators Bob Menendez and Corey Booker, both New Jersey Democrats, became directly involved on behalf of Guerrero, who got caught up in the government's intensified deportation efforts after President Donald Trump took office in January.They hailed the decision by ICE to delay Guerrero's deportation, which his lawyer has said would enable him to apply for a visa and then for permanent residency.
[Mexican Man, Backed By New Jersey Senators, Wins Deportation Reprieve, Reuters, April 18, 2017]
John Kelly is a Deep State infiltrator and saboteur of immigration enforcement. He talks the talk, but does not walk the walk.
Immigration enforcement is looking to be a big fight between AG Sessions and Kelly. Time will tell.
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