"It Could Be Possibly A Violation Of Their Civil Rights To Ask If They Are An Illegal Alien Or Not"
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Follow-up on Brenda Walker's blog Virginia Beach Teens Killed at Intersection about two teenage girls who were killed by drunk-driving illegal alien Alfred Ramos, who had previous convictions. People are asking their local police departments why, if he was an illegal alien who had been caught before, he wasn't deported. Virginia Beach "police spokesman" Jimmy Barnes provides part of the answer.

Their spokesperson, Christy Golden, says part of the problem is getting ICE agents to respond and react when police do call. She says the Chesapeake Police Department is now looking into creating a new policy regarding illegal immigrants. And she said quote "we all need to step up to the plate."

Beach Police say even though Ramos was also previously charged with an alcohol related misdemeanor in their city, State law tells local police they can only contact ICE if they are arresting a suspected illegal immigrant on a felony, like rape or murder, or if they're involved in gang activity, or have been deported before.

In fact, Virginia Beach Police say they will not even ask a suspected illegal immigrant about their status.

"It could be possibly a violation of their civil rights to ask if they are an illegal alien or not," spokesperson Jimmy Barnes [send him mail]told us.WAVY TV 10 -Following fatal DUI accident, police and immigration officials contemplate communications issues

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