Paleo Libertarian On Open Borders
April 06, 2007, 07:46 PM
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The Paleo blog has a lengthy post on immigration and statism—the post is almost 4000 words, and quotes Hans-Herman Hoppe among others, but the shorter version is that mass immigration is "Just another government program."

Private individuals, unlike the government, have the smarts to have a lock on their home door. Individuals don’t have â€?open borders.â€? We have the authority to choose—to â€?regulateâ€?—who enters and who does not. Only the government has the perverse foresight to be foolish enough to have the door open to â€?itsâ€? geographically controlled territory. But it is much worse then that: The door is not only unlocked and wide open but inside the house there are many free gifts (welfare) waiting for those who enter! This is certainly a recipe for disaster. Government subsidizes immigration. In addition, due to the fact that â€?ourâ€? government is democratic, and its very nature is â€?openâ€? compared to a monarchy’s â€?closedâ€? nature, this tendency is further promoted.The Problems of Pro-Trespassing Libertarians - The Paleo Blog