Paleo Libertarian On Open Borders
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The Paleo blog has a lengthy post on immigration and statism—the post is almost 4000 words, and quotes Hans-Herman Hoppe among others, but the shorter version is that mass immigration is "Just another government program."

Private individuals, unlike the government, have the smarts to have a lock on their home door. Individuals don’t have ”open borders.” We have the authority to choose—to ”regulate”—who enters and who does not. Only the government has the perverse foresight to be foolish enough to have the door open to ”its” geographically controlled territory. But it is much worse then that: The door is not only unlocked and wide open but inside the house there are many free gifts (welfare) waiting for those who enter! This is certainly a recipe for disaster. Government subsidizes immigration. In addition, due to the fact that ”our” government is democratic, and its very nature is ”open” compared to a monarchy’s ”closed” nature, this tendency is further promoted.The Problems of Pro-Trespassing Libertarians - The Paleo Blog

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