Detroit Today - America Soon?
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Hiro Detroit

Food for thought. H/T SBPDL

Today the Michigan Establishment was finally forced to respond to reality: Michigan to take over Detroit city government KTVQ Mar 1, 2013

The takeover is short of a formal bankruptcy, but it will include appointing an emergency manager who would have many of the same powers as a bankruptcy judge.

Because of the Hitler’s Revenge syndrome this event is going to produce ludicrous MSM gymnastics for the purpose of not being honest about the cause of Detroit’s spectacular implosion - to the extent they mention it at all. I noted this pattern in Death of Detroit: Is Truth Unmentionable? and Who Destroyed Detroit? National Review's Kevin Williamson Won't Say - But He Knows

Happily, the blogosphere has Paul Kersey ready and able to supply the deficiency:

Who really won World WarII?


Japan recovered from two atomic strikes on her cities, with Hiroshima and Nagasaki rebuilding and becoming powerful cities in their own right; Europe, under the Marshall Plan, had gutted cities due to Allied/Axis bombing rebuilt, becoming tourist destinations in the process.

Today, 90%+ black Detroit, ruled by democratically elected black people since 1973 - when a Tuskegee Airmen, Coleman Young, was elected the first black mayor of the city - is taken over by the state of Michigan.

Once known as the "Arsenal of Democracy," (roughly 92% white during World War II), today the city of Detroit under black-rule appears to have been the victim of a perpetual bombing campaign...

In 2013 Detroit, the state of the city is a direct result of the abilities of its black population to govern and maintain what once was …perhaps the most important metropolis in determining whether America would win World War II.

Kersey goes on to discusses the process of degeneration in detail today The Summer of 1976: From the Ashes of White Detroit, Black-Ruled Detroit Blossomed

Of course he is an expert in the subject – I discussed his book on the city in Detroit: Post-Colonial Africa Happens In America

The simple truth is that it matters critically what kind of faces are involved in an institution – from a High School, to a City, to a Country.

But that is now a Hate Fact and unmentionable in the American MSM

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