Israel Shows The Way On Illegal Immigrants/"Refugees"
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Presuming (and I think it is a bigger presumption than generally realized) that Trump’s Presidency is not stolen from him and his supporters, the question of how to deal with the illegal immigrant and purported refugee population will become urgent.

As Steve Sailer has said, there is much to be learned from Israel about how an intelligent people govern themselves. So I welcome the post from the invaluable site The New Observer Israel Deports Invaders to Africa November 27, 2016

Israel continues to forcibly deport thousands of Eritrean and other nonwhite invaders back to Africa—and has accepted just four “asylum” requests since 2009…

Israel has in fact deported thousands of Africans to Uganda and Rwanda—regardless of the Africans’ original country of origin.

The New Observer cites a well-documented  story Eritrean refugees in Israel sent to Uganda and Rwanda subtitled Do refugees have a choice in Israel's continued policy of transferring African arrivals to third countries? (and answering No) By Ryan Brown 24 November 2016

The point is that while Israel has been effective in deporting most illegals, certain countries have a legal designation in international law impeding their return. So Rwanda and Uganda have been ‘induced’ to accept them.

The reason why the "infiltrators"  accept deportation (with a modest financial inducement) is that Israel puts new arrivals in a Concentration Camp: See Romney Gets Serious: Proposes Concentration Camp To Hold 1.1 Million Illegal Aliens.

There have been no reports of abuses but the pointless life there must be uninviting.

Why could not this incarceration policy be adopted by America? Instead of releasing these people to disappear and put down roots in American society?

I answered this (pre-Trump I hope) in A Tale Of Two Fences: American And Israeli Border Policies

The difference? Israel’s rulers care about their people. America’s despise theirs.
The New Observer raises a crucial matter:
In December 2015, the World Jewish Congress and the Central Council of Jews in Germany issued a formal statement welcoming the nonwhite invasion of Germany, calling it the “right thing” and an “evolution towards an open society.”

In November 2015, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) has reported that eleven Jewish groups (including the Union for Reform Judaism, the Orthodox Union, the Rabbinical Assembly, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society HIAS, the National Council of Jewish Women, the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the umbrella body for Jewish public policy groups, and many others) have formally urged Congress “not to roll back plans to accept Syrian refugees into the United States.”

I believe this uncomfortable question was last discussed on in How Can The ADL Oppose The Trump Border Wall?

PS: How about Qatar Expels 9,000 Invaders The New Observer November 24, 2016

The Arab state of Qatar has announced the forcible expulsion of at least 9,000 mostly Pakistani illegal immigrants during a three-month campaign which will allow them to be kicked out without gaining a criminal record.

Qatari nationality law is based on the concept of jus sanguinis (Latin: right of blood) which means that citizenship is transferred by descent, rather than geography.

Not even having a Qatari mother is good enough to qualify for citizenship, and even though there is a long process for foreigners to acquire naturalization (residence for 25 years), this never happens in practice, ensuring that the country’s citizenship lists always remain homogenous.

The end of the Aljazeera story is ominous for Europe:
In late October, however, Abrahe [a cited Israeli deportee] decided that he couldn't wait any longer. He borrowed a passport from a Ugandan friend and flew to Turkey. From there, he made the dangerous journey by boat to Greece, where he is now living in a refugee camp.
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