Israel Shows Enforcement Works, as 4000 Illegal Africans Leave Voluntarily This Year
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Attrition is working in Israel, where authorities have been clear that illegal aliens are not welcome. That can’t be too hard to do when invasive Africans take up residence in public parks (shown below), demand to be treated as refugees just because of their presence and citizens want enforcement because of violent crimes like rape.

As a result of the Un-welcome mat being put out, the invasive foreigners are self-deporting.

Europe should pay attention to Israel’s example of how to do immigration enforcement, or else the continent will be overwhelmed by Africans breaking into Europe in record numbers.

Not that the United States is any example of enforcing borders and sovereignty.

Since start of year, 4,000 African migrants leave Israel voluntarily, Israel Hayom, March 27, 2014

Some 4,000 illegal migrants from African countries left Israel voluntarily in the first quarter of 2014, compared to 825 in the first quarter last year.

“Infiltrators are leaving Israel five times more than in the past,” said Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar (Likud) at a Knesset Internal Affairs and Environment Committee meeting on the infiltration prevention law. In all of 2013, a total of 2,612 African migrants returned to their home countries voluntarily.

Last December, the Knesset approved a revised version of the Prevention of Infiltration Law last December. The law enables immigration authorities to hold illegal migrants in detention centers for up to a year, and amended a previous infiltration law that was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court last year.

In January, Sa’ar said the number of illegal African migrants voluntarily leaving Israel was on the rise. The upward trend began in December, when 325 migrants left Israel in just one month.

“The trend signaling a dramatic growth in the number of infiltrators leaving Israel is a result of our unambiguous policy, and the combined measures we have taken — the new infiltrator law, the establishment of the open detention facility and increasing the monetary grant for leaving voluntarily,” Sa’ar said in January.

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