Is Your Congresscritter One Of These 24 Traitors?
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Money is the unsecret weapon of the Treason Lobby in the 2013 Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration campaign. An outgrowth has been a whole series of sumptuously produced and heavily promoted websites purportedly representing illegal immigrants and their selfless supporters. From one, Reform Immigration FOR America, I learn yet another, America’s Voice, has supplied an arrow that can be fired back.

The above picture’s caption crows

It's getting crowded!! Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) has just become the 24th House Republican to come out for immigration reform with a path to citizenship. John Boehner, give us a vote!

and the article Getting to A Majority: More House Republicans Come Out for Citizenship 08/23/2013 goes into detail.

Jason Chaffetz is very irritating because he is in Congress because Utah patriots finally managed to Primary out Treason Lobby servant Chris Cannon, largely on the immigration issue. Further evidence, alas, that the Mormon Establishment has gone bad.

Mark Sanford looks like becoming even more contemptible since his recent by election victory involved him making patriotic noises.

Conspicuous in the America’s Voice discussion: not one Congresscritter declared in favor of the massive immigration increase involved in the Gang Bill, with its inevitable heavy damage to American living standards (except those of  Plutocrats).

That would be a good place to start a complaint.

Strictly speaking, what America’s Voice often documents is wobbling for Amnesty, rather than strong support. It also falsely claims

Pressure from constituents brought out these Republicans in favor of immigration reform.

To the extent these sheep are not simply heeding the money, they are responding to the iniquitous GOP House leadership’s clear preferences.

It is time for their true (citizen) constituents to get to work.

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