Is The Birthright Citizenship/Anchor Baby Issue Igniting? How To Track.
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S King

Congressman Steve King: Once more into the breach...

Encouragingly, Alan Wall’s blog Rep. Steve King Introduces House Bill to Close Up Anchor Baby Loophole has been one of the most read and shared of our recent items, both from directly and from our Facebook page.

This issue has risen tremendously in public consciousness since we published the seminal Weigh Anchor! Enforce the Citizenship Clause by Nathaniel Parker in 2001.

It should. As I said in my backgrounder on the topic back in June

The Birthright Citizenship/Anchor Baby issue is the jugular of the Treason Lobby’s attempt to swamp the historic American nation and convert the country onto a Minority/Majority footing. Without the current practice of giving citizenship to all babies born on American soil (unless of diplomatic families), the political transformation of the country would be drastically slowed. As a result, needless to say, any discussion of closing the anchor-baby loophole is invariably met with hysteria — from neoconservatives as well as from the Left.

The unwillingness of the Open Borders crowd to make a concession on this matter proves that their fundamental motive is political rather than economic or humanitarian.

In 2010 a brushfire ignited, apparently spontaneously, on this question, generating so much heat that by the election Congressman Boehner was having to pretend to be interested. Of course he was lying (or maybe he was already bought).

Nothing will happen here unless the Peasants get very restive. The best way to track the matter is by following the Govtrack.US list of co-sponsors for H.R. 140 here (scroll down to "cosponsors").

So far there are only 13, including patriotic champions Lou Barletta and Mo Brooks. Many who should be there are still absent.

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