Is Mark Zuckerberg Going Into Salmon Canning?
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Alaska's Begich: "Tastier when packed by cheap immigrants!"

In his hilarious blog today saying

Eventually, Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg's new immigration group lobbying for lower salaries for American tech workers,, might get around to giving a facelift to one of the websites it set up for its twin Republican and Democratic sockpuppet subsidiaries. When that happens, the naked contempt with which Zuckerberg and his fellow billionaires view the American two party system won't be quite so blatant.

Steve Sailer notes that Zuckerberg’s Democratic site

...features a Lindsey (Graham)-like ad for Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) that serves as a quid pro quo for Begich supporting the Gang of Eight in return for Zuckerberg running this ad in Alaska to convince blue collar Alaskan voters that he wouldn't stab them in the back, so they can trust him when he votes for the Gang of Eight's plan.

In fact Begich has already stabbed Alaskan workers in the back, as I noted here

Last year the State Department announced its intention to prohibit foreign students …to be employed in the Alaska seafood-processing industry.

But the powerful industry quickly brought in some heavy political guns, especially Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), who prevailed upon State to postpone the ban for the 2012 season.

Begich's position infuriates Monte Hawver, who works with residents of Alaska's Kodiak Island who have been displaced by J-1 workers. Hawver said in an email that he called Begich's office to protest.

Said Hawver, "I asked a lot of difficult questions as to why a Democratic senator was taking the leading role in promoting the interests of foreign-owned processors over local working poor."

As I remarked in 2013's Immigration Push Not Just Amnesty: Slave Power Wants Open Borders Too! Hilary Clinton when a student worked in an Alaskan Salmon processing plant. Nowadays she would not get the opportunity. Those cash-building opportunities are financing Mexican villages.

The classic CIS study documenting the Begich scandal is Alaska's Begich Ties Immigration Vote to Access to Cheap Labor for Canneries By Jerry Kammer February 22, 2013

What motivates Senator Begich is obvious. But what does Mark Zuckerberg have against Alaskan workers?


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