Bill Richardson, AKA William Blaine Richardson III: Ted Cruz Is Not Really Hispanic
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BILL RICHARDSON: Hey, that Ted Cruz guy definitely shouldn’t count as a Hispanic.Posted at 9:51 pm by Glenn Reynolds
This is really stupid of Richardson. It's true that Ted Cruz has a white Cuban father, and an Irish/Italian mother, and thus looks, as Steve Sailer has pointed out, like a young Pat Buchanan.
This is Ted Cruz. It is not Pat Buchanan.
But the man who's saying he shouldn't count as Hispanic is William Blaine Richardson III,  a Mayflower descendant whose Mexican ancestors were of pure Spanish background. He looks more like Jackie Gleason in the Honeymooners.
William Blaine Richardson III

Of course, an authentic Hispanic politician would one who represented the lower-class Mexican influx, and was of Mexican Indian descent, I. E. everything Marco Rubio, pictured below, is not.

This may LOOK like a Mormon graduate of the Air Force Academy, but its actually vibrant Marco Rubio, the Great Hispanic Hope of the GOP

Representative Raul Grijalva, on the other hand,  whose father was a bracero (which was supposed to be a temporary program) looks like this:

That guy is authentic! However, owing to Mexico's racial stratification,  they don't let guys like Raul Grijalva run Mexico, so I don't see why America should.

However, a guy like Raul will get the Hispanic vote a lot faster than Rubio or Cruz—not just because he's an authentic Mexican, but because he's a Democrat.

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