Lapped by OOV! Amnesty News Collections: Today 21, Friday 24. Drudge 0
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H/T One Old Vet

I could not get to blog yesterday and as a result have been lapped by One Old Vet! On Friday he posted a compendium of 24 Amnesty related stories and today one of 21.

That is in addition to separately posting a quite number of important stories separately, of which the most blood pressure boosting was Conservative Heritage Foundation Backpeddles Supporting Border Security  linking to Total southwestern border operational control not a 'practical goal,' say Heritage Foundation authors  By David Perera February 21 2013.

Apparently they have never heard of Israel's border fence success. Thanks very much, Jim DeMint.

Several of the compendium stories cover the extremely important news OOV caught on Thursday that the AFL-CIO has put Democratic Establishment interests ahead of those of its membership and approved of “guest workers”. Friday’s collection included Sen. Jeff Sessions slams immigration pact supported by GOP House majority leader by Neill Munro The Daily Caller 02/22/2013

Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions slammed a vague bargain on immigration announced on Thursday by the Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO, even as the Republican House majority leader, Rep. Eric Cantor, applauded it.

“The Chamber’s primary goal has never been to establish a lawful immigration system and secure our borders, but to get as much cheap labor as possible — regardless of how it impacts American workers, legal immigrants, and taxpayers in general,” said Sessions, who is the senior Republican on the Senate budget committee.

Today’s has a classic example of this supplied by CIS: Alaska's Begich Ties Immigration Vote to Access to Cheap Labor for Canneries By Jerry Kammer February 22 2013

Last year the State Department announced its intention to prohibit foreign students who come to the United States with the Summer Work Travel program to be employed in the Alaska seafood-processing industry.

But the powerful industry quickly brought in some heavy political guns, especially Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), who prevailed upon State to postpone the ban for the 2012 season.

Begich's position infuriates Monte Hawver, who works with residents of Alaska's Kodiak Island who have been displaced by J-1 workers. Hawver said in an email that he called Begich's office to protest.

Said Hawver, "I asked a lot of difficult questions as to why a Democratic senator was taking the leading role in promoting the interests of foreign-owned processors over local working poor."'s answer to Hawver's question: a species of ADD. As I noted in 2013's Immigration Push Not Just Amnesty: Slave Power Wants Open Borders Too! Hilary Clinton when a student worked in an Alaskan Salmon processing plant. Now she would not get the opportunity.

Needless to say there was no MSM pickup of the CIS story.

Drudge has carried no (0) stories on the Amnesty issue since the report of McCain fighting with his constituents want down at 4-05PM on Wednesday afternoon. Orders are orders!

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