Is Florida's Governor Scott Caving To Obamacrat Voter Fraud Facilitation?
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Rick Scott: Too Afraid Of Race To Protect Florida's Voters?

Apparently Attorney General Eric Holder is going to win another round in his campaign for Minority privilege. The Miami Herald just reported yesterday Feds to Florida: halt non-citizen voter purge by Marc Caputo 05 31 12 and this afternoon was able to gloat in Gov. Rick Scott: Florida is "absolutely not" targeting minorities in noncitizen voter purge By Marc Caputo 06.01.12

Scott wouldn’t say whether the state will heed DOJ’s order, which it rendered last night in a two-page letter accusing Florida of breaking two federal voting laws.

“The Secretary of State’s office is going to review what the Department of Justice has said," he said “And then we’re going to make a decision.”

But the decision might have already been made for Scott — by the county supervisors of elections who announced moments later that they will cease the search for noncitizen voters.

It is now absolutely plain that the central to the Obamacrat re election strategy is voting fraud by Minorities  - as discussed for us by Paul Kersey in Electing New Texans—Obama’s War Against White America and Peter Gadiel in "Voter Suppression"—Obama Regime Code For "Resisting American Dispossession"

Illegal Aliens do vote, as documented for us by Federale here and here. Blacks commit voter fraud too.

The public generally favors measures to prevent fraud. They see no reason why voting should not require the same standard of identification so constantly demanded of us in our daily lives.

It is worth pausing to consider the towering effrontery of the Democrat position. Anyone who can document citizenship and residency has nothing to worry about. In reality, a recently naturalized Hispanic is probably more likely to be able to put his hand on proof of citizenship at short notice than the average native-born American. (We all know how difficult producing Birth Certificates can be!)  And with the bulk of Democratic voters beneficiaries of various Government payments, they are all very likely to have  plentiful supporting documentation.

In essence, the Obamacrats would rather see scores, perhaps hundreds of illegitimate voters enabled than one incompetent individual disenfranchised. That is the likely consequence of their stance. The second Miami Herald report notes (buried on page 2)

State officials say they’re frustrated with the federal government, which has refused to provide the state access to a Department of Homeland Security database that has citizenship data. As a result, the state has used a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles database, which has some citizenship information.

But the state database doesn’t have up-to-date citizenship information...

( emphasis)

Unfortunately, besides the determination of the Obamacrats to benefit from election fraud, what this sorry story also demonstrates is the craven cowardice of Governor Rick Scott. He has already wimped out of the Immigration measures he was elected to implement. Note that in his remarks he was more concerned to deny ethnic motivations than defend Florida citizens from having their votes diluted. Similar terror was no doubt responsible for the irresponsible appointment of the iniquitous Angela Cory and so the inevitable lynching of poor George Zimmerman.

As Peter Brimelow has said, it is all a matter of Hitler’s Revenge.

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