Aliens Voting In New Mexico
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Not those in Roswell, not those from outer space, but those most likely from Mexico. Aliens, both legal and illegal, are voting and ICE, as usual, is doing nothing about it. (h/t Election Law Center) November 18, 2011

State Reports 104 Voters Not Citizens

SANTA FE (KRQE) - More than 100 noncitizens may have registered to vote over the last eight years, and of those 19 may have actually cast ballots, according to a report released Thursday by the Secretary of State's office.

Earlier this year, Republican Secretary of State Dianna Durán said she found 37 cases of foreign nationals, including illegal immigrants, who may have cast ballots in New Mexico. That came as she was verifying registrations for people without Social Security numbers who received New Mexico driver's licenses.

"The public record provides critical evidence that noncitizens with and without driver's licenses have registered to vote and that noncitizens have voted in New Mexico elections," Durán told News 13 in March.

A few months later, Durán said she identified 64,000 possible cases of possible voter fraud. She forwarded those to the Department of Public Safety for review.

Another reason for voter ID laws.



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