Is Boehner Comment Thread Overwhelmed? Disabled?
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H/T One Old Vet


As of 8-05 AM East Coat time, the comment thread is open again. However, at 4,317 the number of replies is little changed from where it was at 10-30 PM last night, although it had risen several hundred in the previous hour. This suggests the thread was down most of the night.

Patriots should not miss this opportunity: access here. It is just a matter of time before the Other Side deploys the Indians.

As Peter Brimelow noted in House GOP "Hits Wall" On Amnesty/ Immigration Surge— Chance To Write John Boehner! the House speaker has taken the rather interesting step of asking for comments on his website on his Amnesty/Immigration Surge betrayal proposal: accessible here.

However despite using several computers I have not been able to access this facility since about 10-30 PM East Coast time. Is it overwhelmed? Has it been disabled? Is Speaker Boehner working so closely with the Administration that he used the Obamacare techies?

Surely his staff must have known the response was likely to be immense.

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