House GOP "Hits Wall" On Amnesty/ Immigration Surge—- Chance To Write John Boehner!
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We know from bitter experience that "immigration reform" a.k.a. Amnesty/ Immigration Surge never dies, but it does seem to be looking poorly:

House Republican leaders are facing a wave of opposition from their rank and file on a plan to move ahead with immigration reform, prompted in part by lack of trust in the Obama administration, threatening chances of legislation passing in 2014.

Many House Republicans left their annual issues retreat in Cambridge, Md., feeling uncertain about the GOP leadership's new “Standards for Immigration Reform” blueprint, which would boost border security, expand immigration and provide legal status to those living here illegally.

Even those who back the plan say they don’t want to try to implement it right now.

House Republicans hit wall on immigration reform, By Susan Ferrechio | Washington Examiner FEBRUARY 6, 2014. (Links in original).

House Speaker John Boehner has opened his website for comments: there are 3918 comments as I write this, overwhelmingly hostile, for example this one a few minutes ago pleasingly echoing some of's favorite themes (links added):

Those politicians who side with illegal aliens/illegal invaders are traitors to this country and should be impeached and prosecuted for treason. Shame on those traitor politicians!

Join in here.

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