Is Anders Behring Breivik Like Timothy McVeigh—Or Baruch Goldstein?
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When gets news of a mass murder, which happens distressingly often, we immediately start looking for the ethnicity and immigration status of the killer, usually slow to appear in the MSM, to see if this is another case of what we identified back in 2007 as Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome.

If it is, as for example in Binghampton in 2009 (Vietnamese immigrant, 13 dead), or in the case of the Georgia Man earlier this year (Central American, two dead), we know it will go down the Orwellian Memory Hole. But if the perp is a native-born American—and mass murder, alas, is not a job Americans won’t do—there can be a flurry of interest as the ruling class in America tries to use it as an excuse to suppress its critics. (Unless, of course, the “American” turns out to be the son of Muslim immigrants, like 2009 Fort Hood shooter Nidal Mailk Hasan, 12 dead).

Indeed, we are in this process right now with the six deaths (including the suicidal killer) that occurred Saturday evening in Texas (Gunman opens fire, killing 6 in domestic dispute at Grand Prairie roller rink, By Tanya Eiserer and Theodore Kim, Dallas Morning News, July 23, 2011: “The victims were Vietnamese…”.

Maybe it’s Anglo-Saxon phlegm, but now that it appears the appalling killings in Norway were perpetrated by a Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, whose description was immediately flashed around the world in an obvious effort to convey that this was not another Muslim atrocity, my instinct is to withhold comment until the facts become clear. Breivik allowed himself to be taken alive, perhaps because he intends to explain himself.

This explanation may be odder than anyone currently imagines. In a remarkable post reproduced on Gates of Vienna, the Irish blogger Mark Humphrys writes:

The killer was right-wing and anti-jihad, yes, but he was not a neo-Nazi (he was pro-Israel) or a white supremacist (he opposed the BNP because they are racist). He was Christian, but not a fanatic (he was pro-gay).

In fact he was apparently like me — liberal right. He was anti-racist, pro-gay and pro-Israel. So how on earth did someone like that become a terrorist against the West?

It’s not widely known in the U.S. that the Labor government in Norway has said it will recognize Palestine—and the Israeli site has just reported:

The teenagers who took part in Norway’s ruling party youth camp in the island of Utoya met with Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere and demanded he recognize Palestine on Wednesday, two days before the deadly terror attack which left many of them dead.

Gahr Stoere told the youths that the Palestinians deserve a country of their own and that the occupation must end, Norwegian website Politisk reported. Several of the youths waved signs reading: “Boycott Israel.”
Norway youths discussed Palestine prior to attack, June 24, 2011

Maybe Breivik has more in common with Dr. Baruch Goldstein, the American immigrant to Israel who killed 29 Muslims in a mosque in 1994, than with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

But whatever Breivik’s explanation, and whatever his cause, it’s hard to see how his actions can be anything other than an utter catastophe to it.

Let light perpetual shine upon them.

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