Pentagon Ignores Fort Hood Jihad
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Military analyst Ralph Peters has nothing good to say about the Pentagon's report on the Fort Hood terror attack, to put it mildly. In fact, he sounds furious.

Hood massacre report gutless and shameful, New York Post, January 16, 2010

Rarely in the course of human events has a report issued by any government agency been so cowardly and delusional. It's so inept, it doesn't even rise to cover-up level.

Protecting the Force: Lessons from Fort Hood never mentions Islamist terror. Its 86 mind-numbing pages treat "the alleged perpetrator," Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, as just another workplace shooter (guess they're still looking for the pickup truck with the gun rack).

The report is so politically correct that its authors don't even realize the extent of their political correctness — they're body-and-soul creatures of the PC culture that murdered 12 soldiers and one Army civilian. [...]

Unquestionably, the officers who let Hasan slide, despite his well-known wackiness and hatred of America, bear plenty of blame. But this disgraceful pretense of a report never asks why they didn't stop Hasan's career in its tracks.

The answer is straightforward: Hasan's superiors feared — correctly — that any attempt to call attention to his radicalism or to prevent his promotion would backfire on them, destroying their careers, not his.

Hasan was a protected-species minority. Under the PC tyranny of today's armed services, no non-minority officer was going to take him on.

This is a military that imposes rules of engagement that protect our enemies and kill our own troops and that court-martials heroic SEALs to appease a terrorist. Ain't many colonels willing to hammer the Army's sole Palestinian-American psychiatrist.

Of course, there's no mention of political correctness by the panel. Instead, the report settles for blinding flashes of the obvious, such as "We believe a gap exists in providing information to the right people." Gee, really? Well, that explains everything. Money well spent!

Or "Department of Defense force protection policies are not optimized for countering internal threats." Of course not: You can't stop an internal threat you refuse to recognize.

It's disturbing to see the extent of political correctness at the highest level of the military. Shortly after the Fort Hood attack, General George Casey opined, "And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that's worse."

Now we see that Casey was not off the reservation from the rest of the Pentagon: diversity ideology has replaced the defense of America as the prime directive.

And if the military is too PC to protect its own people, how can we mere citizens think that it will keep us secure?

Col Peters also appeared on Fox News to condemn the military's political correctness: This Is A Whitewash! Ralph Peters On Pentagon Report On Fort Hood Shooting.

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