Some “Usual Suspect” Mass Shootings In US–Three Of Them
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An argument broke out at a Low Rider show in Washington State–shots fired (a lot of shots) but no one killed. This is a Hispanic cultural shooting. You’ve seen Ricky Ricardo and Carmen Miranda losing their tempers and yelling in the movies? This is the same thing, but with guns.

Shooting erupts at Seattle area car show, 12 hurt
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SEATTLE (AP) — Gunfire rang out during a car show at a suburban Seattle parking lot, wounding 12 people as fearful crowd members and merchants took cover or fled the chaotic scene.

A clue to the nature of shooter and victims:

The car show, listed as La Raza low-rider car show on a Latino events website, allowed participants to display vehicles modified to ride low to the ground.

A commenter

I guess those Latinos aren’t as good a shot as those Asians at that Texas Roller rink where six people were killed - fiver victims and one volunteer.

Another commenter replies:

Sounds like you’re keeping score by race.. the white guy in Norway would be the winner by your standards unless you tally up the senseless shootings by country..

I knew that would happen. Oh, and the Roller RInk shooting above? A Vietnamese immigrant killed five family members in Texas.

And nine people were shot, but not killed, at a house party in Apopka. This was done by “teens” after an argument broke out. No names, so as write, it could turn out to have been done by the Swedish Bikini Team or the Daughters of the Confederacy, but I doubt it.

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