Irvine Asian NIMBYs: Stay Out of Our Near-Beach Upscale Community, Roundeye Junkies!
April 11, 2018, 07:36 AM
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At the Los Angeles Times, Asian lady reporter Anh Do has figured out a pretty entertaining schtick: recording Asians NIMBY’s in Irvine, CA (the upscale planned suburb near the beach that’s home to UC Irvine) saying crass things about Southern California’s growing infestation of bums and junkies that make them sound slightly to the right of Ming the Merciless.

In contrast, if Malibu celebrities were fighting off a plan to dump the homeless on them, Rob Reiner would be schmoozing reporters with talk about Malibu residents’ concerns over the geographic inaccessibility of social services for the homeless, due to the distressing lack of mass transit in Malibu (which the Trump Administration has shamefully refused to address), and the pressing need to file detailed environmental impact statements regarding the biodiversity impact on the endangered Malibu sand flea … and it would be too boring for anybody to quite notice that Rob was just being a rich dick saying, Stay out of my beach community, heroin addicts!

But Asians making 250k don’t really grasp the subtleties of how you are supposed to talk to reporters in the current year:

Protesters fight against homeless moving to Irvine: ‘We will decide who comes into the city’

By ANH DO APR 10, 2018 | 11:00 PM

Protesters fight against homeless moving to Irvine: ‘We will decide who comes into the city’

… “All our kids deserve better! All our kids deserve better!” For locals representing a cross-section of Irvine, the battle was clear: “The county or other people outside of Irvine will not decide what happens to us. We are strong. We will decide who comes into the city and activate our supporters to make sure our families are safe,” said homemaker Ashley Michael, a 33-year Irvine resident. …

Irvine residents said they must continue “the movement and be vigilant to protect ourselves.”

“Vigilant?” Isn’t that like “vigilante?” Are these crypto-Trump supporters?
… One of his worries is that Orange County is “unfairly burdened with caring for homeless. And we don’t even know where they’re from. Are they from California or are we responsible for people out of state?”
Homeless normally implies “black,” who outscores Asian on the Diversity Pokemon Points chart by a mile.

But, as far as I can tell, the big increase in Orange County homeless is in part due to local drug treatment centers advertising for patients in the White Death Belt. and then kicking them out when their insurance runs out. By that point, their old ladies have moved in with their best friends, so what’s the point of going back to Kentucky, at least until deer hunting season, when the weather right now is really nice in Orange County and Walmart will sell you a sleeping bag, air mattress and tent for a couple of hundred?

Judith Jing, a mother of two sons, said she moved from Memphis, Tenn. to Irvine so her boys can grow up playing freely in the neighborhood.
Memphis … huh … Is she referring to … black crime?
“Now I notice more people without clothes around the area,” she said. “Why are they here? We as residents of this beautiful city have to stand up and say stop. I am not thinking we shouldn’t help the homeless — we should — but not by sticking them in the middle of our community.”

… Disappointed, Michael said she and other women who run a Facebook group opposing a tent city in Irvine had found a possible location: Los Pinos, once a juvenile camp in the Cleveland National Forest. The property, once run by the county, is now closed.

Screenshot 2018-04-11 01.08.54

“We’ve done our research and want to talk options that are far away from communities,” she said.

Swell, say the junkies. And who are we going to panhandle from and sell drugs to and steal hubcaps from in the middle of the Cleveland National Forest? How will our fixes get to us?
“If we don’t think of something, they will come back to Irvine and pressure us about opening more shelters.” Meanwhile, Councilwoman Christina Shea urged residents to “get a good description of the homeless” migrating to Irvine “in increasing numbers” and call the police.
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