London’s Knife Crime Violence Sparks Crackdown—On Cutlery
April 10, 2018, 06:09 PM
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It’s curious how as society becomes more dangerous because of open borders and permissive laws regarding dangerous criminals (e.g. California’s jailbreaking Prop 47), the citizens’ means of defending ourselves is being reduced by attacks on the Second Amendment.

Over in police state Britain, the government is cracking down on knives in a vain attempt to quell the worsening knife crime violence — when of course the real problem has been unwise immigration.

Below, a diverse London resident carries a substantial blade to rob a store.

Even basic kitchen knives are not safe from British government overreach:

Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn chatted about various topics on Monday, including observations about London’s knife crime problem (starting 1:53):

TUCKER CARLSON: The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is now — not making this up — vowing a crackdown on knives, cutting implements, following a crime wave there. He said, quoting “There’s never a reason to carry a knife” in vowing to punish all who do. Meanwhile in New York in related news, Bill de Blasio aide Regan Stephens was arrested after she was caught with an illegal handgun in her car. What do these add up to other than like the end of civilization?

MARK STEYN: Well it’s it’s interesting to me in Britain because I believe the National Cutlery Association has come out strongly against background checks for people who want to own knives. They’re thinking that if you outlaw knives, only outlaws will have knives, and I used the term cutlery seriously because people use what’s to hand.

I was in a French village two summers ago, and a lady and two of her daughters were in their bathing suits and the Mohammed next to them went full Allahu Akbar, stabbed them with a fork — the fork he was having breakfast with — and a helicopter had to fly in and helicopter the wounded to a hospital in Grenoble.

People use what’s to hand, and the reality in London as Katie Hopkins said on your show a couple of nights ago is that 85 percent of last month’s stabbings, both perpetrators and victims, are basically the result of modern immigration policies; and that to tie what you were talking about with the general about the border, that’s the issue — if you don’t have a border, if you don’t have a security perimeter at the border, you wind up having to have security perimeters over everything else, including cutlery displays in London supermarkets.