Irish President Speaks To Congress, Asks For Legalization
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The President of the Republic of Ireland, Bertie Ahern, has come to the US to speak to Congress and ask the US to keep all the illegal Irish, rather than sending them back.. (Taoiseach , pronounced roughly "tea-shock" is Gaelic for Prime Minister—Ireland has a weird kind of self-inflicted bilingualism.)
Taoiseach makes case for undocumented Irish in US Congress speech The Belfast Telegraph

[Published: Wednesday 30, April 2008 - 17:26] The Taoiseach used his address to the Joint Houses of Congress in Washington this afternoon to make a case for undocumented Irish immigrants to the US.

Bertie Ahern today became the sixth Irish leader to address the Joint Houses. The theme of his address was "Ireland and America - Our Two Republics".

Bertie Ahern began by emphasising the bond between Ireland and America, and went on to outline the benefits of the new Irish to our country, and the challenges.

"So we're profoundly aware of those challenges as we ask you to consider the case of undocumented Irish immigrant community in the United States today.

"I hope you'll be able to find a solution to their plight."

The Taoiseach then spoke of the contribution Irish immigrants have made to America.

Mr Ahern also spoke about the benefits of the European Union, about the global challenges of poverty, financial decline and climate change, and about the peace process in Northern Ireland.

To huge applause, he said he was proud to be the "first Irish leader to inform the United States Congress— Ireland is at peace."

Look, I like the Irish—Dennis Day, Bing Crosby, Megan McArdle, whoever. In the history of immigration to the US, I suppose it could be said that Irish immigration has been a blessing—just not an unmixed blessing.

But since Irish immigrants greatest contribution to America have been in the police and the military, perhaps we could convince all these illegals to join the Border Patrol. That way Ahern  could have made a proposal that for each illegal Irish immigrant, he would help deport two illegal  Mexicans. But really, while Irish immigrants might be good as a substitute for Mexican immigration, they aren't going to be very popular as an (illegal) addition to the immigration problem. Ask Brenda Walker.

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