Industry Lobbyists Tout Nonexistent EU "Blue Cards" In Bid To Make Congress Issue More Green Ones
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According to this article [High-tech visa debate comes to Congress via 'blue cards', By Heather Greenfield, Technology Daily December 3, 2007] , the industry lobbying group CompeteAmerica is attempting to scare Congress into granting more H-1B visas by distributing "Blue Cards". The story goes that if we do not admit the world's best and brightest, these people will just go to Europe where they can get a Blue Card in 2 months compared to the 5 to 10 years it takes it get a Green Card.

One item not mentioned in the story that some people might find important: The Blue Card does not exist.

The Blue Card program is simply a proposal that would need approval from all EU member countries to go into effect, something not likely to happen.

Read the article carefully with that in mind and see how ridiculous it is to compare the time it takes to get to a Green Card to the time it takes to get a nonexistent Blue card.

The fact that the lobbyists have had to resort to threatening Congress with "vaporware" to get more guest worker cheap labor demonstrates how desperate they have become.

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