Legal Immigrants Fed Up With Illegals And Blame The Feds
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I love, love, love these stories! Let me say that again—I LOVE THESE STORIES!!

The stories about people who come to America LEGALLY so they can go to school, work hard and raise kids...oh, and they do it on their own nickel not yours.

And more than anything else they appreciate the opportunity and love America—not umm, Mexico.[Legal immigrants to U.S. face green card logjam By Tim Gaynor AP News 11/29/06]

This wonderful article talks about a man (and his family) who emigrated from India nine years ago. His green card is being held up because the immigration and customs people are overloaded with work thaks to the 12-20 million illegal aliens they're dealing with.

Sanjay Mehta is just a tad frustrated with the preferential treatment given to those who come here illegally.

"Washington has taken notice of them ... But what about the plight of legal immigrants to this country? We seem to have been forgotten." has been talking about these people for years! People like Peter Brimelow who follow the rules on the path to American citizenship—not those who cheat the system and wait for an amnesty deal.

These immigrants, according to the same AP article, "are highly skilled, with science, electrical engineering and medical degrees, and are hired by U.S. companies, universities and research laboratories under a strict visa system with an annual cap of 65,000."

If they make it to the States, they wait for an average of 12 years for a Green Card.

Another legal immigrant, Kola Akinwande from Nigeria, says his wife has a masters in child psychology but is not allowed to work in the United States—she is here on her husband's visa, of course.

Even worse, as angry as that makes me listen to this:

"I also have to pay out-of-state tuition fees for my son to study at university here, which puts an additional financial burden on the family," he added.

Don't you just want to throw something? How pathetic!

Come here illegally and you will find yourself entitled to more benfits, freebies and get-out-of-jail-free-cards that you can possibly imagine.

Come here legally and you will get the shaft.

America: The land of opportunity...well, for lawbreakers anyway.

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