The Fight In North Carolina Over Aliens In Community College Heats Up
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Faithful North Carolina reader John J. Pershing  submits this update on the fight over illegal aliens in community colleges.

After being subjected to a two to three day flogging and hissy fit by sane North Carolinians, punctuated by all sorts of hemming, hawing, backpedaling, and claims that the executive directive regarding admission of illegal aliens to North Carolina's community college system was "aw shucks, just a misunderstanding", it finally dawned on Governor Mike Easley or his handlers that this undignified and disingenuous groveling was not going to save him from the wrath of sensible Tar Heels.

Easley finally settled on a definitive position in this firestorm and that position seems perfectly clear and perfectly congruent with other recent declarations by fellow governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

According to the Associated Press, Easley is just fine with illegal aliens attending community colleges at taxpayer expense. [Easley Says He Supports New Community College Admissions Policy, Gary Robertson, Associated Press, November 27, 2007]

"The Democratic governor said the children of illegal immigrants shouldn't be punished for their parent's decisions. It is a stand that runs counter to the views of the five leading candidates to succeed him when he leaves office."

Among the leading candidates for Easley’s job, N.C. State Senator Fred Smith  is firmly against this new policy and any other policy that tends to accommodate illegal aliens in North Carolina.

Lt. Governess and gubernatorial candidate Beverly Perdue   however, is quite another story. While she and her handlers might have been superficially and temporarily successful by exercising agility in getting her into the right bomb shelter for this current hot button issue, closer examination of her record would in all probability paint quite another portrait of her true leanings in the arena of immigration issues.

One only need know that she was co-hostess with Mexican ex-First Lady Marta de Fox at the North Carolina Conference for Women  in Charlotte on October 30 of this year.

It doesn't take too much time perusing that website for it to become perfectly clear that its agenda doesn't comport with the profile of a patriot.

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