Omaha Shooter's Name Announced, But Not Race
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This is probably the best set of links on the Omaha shooting that has so far, apparently claimed eight lives. (Reports say nine, but they're counting the shooter.)

Omaha City Weekly Media Watch: The Westroads Shooting: Coverage Notes

However, even they don't seem to know whether the shooter was white or black. This story: Suspected Mall Shooter Identified As Bellevue Man, 19 - Omaha News Story - KETV Omaha, gives his name as Robert A. Hawkins, which sort of rules out Hispanic, Korean, or Arab. Which means, given the demographics of Nebraska, that it's probably a crazy white guy. Would it be so wrong for the police to tell us that?Or the press to report it?

So far it is. Previous posts on this subject here. (Scroll down, the category includes this one.)

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