Indian Immigrant Convicted Of Child Molesting In Pennsylvania
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This is a Daily Mail story about "physicist" Thomas Padikal (right) is horrifying, and I'm not sure anyone needs to know more than the Daily Mail's summary, except to ask if he is, in addition to being a physicist and a "New Jersey Man", an immigrant from India.

Physicist, 71, sexually abused girl, eight, every day for two years, created a website documenting his obsession with her and even kept a PowerPoint file containing images of the girl's face superimposed on pornographic pictures of grown women

  • Thomas Padikal was found guilty after just 30 minutes of deliberation for raping an eight-year-old girl every day across a two year period beginning in 2007
  • The physical abuse only stopped when the girl moved away with her family, however Padikal continued to obsess over her for nearly a decade after
  • The radiologist and oncologist created a website dedicated to her, in which he ‘enshrine his obsession’ with the girl, and also followed her on social media
  • It was also revealed Padikal kept a PowerPoint file containing numerous images of her face ‘crudely imposed’ onto pornographic images of grown women
  • Last year, Padikal texted and called the now-adult girl saying he ‘sacrificed himself for her sexual education’, which led to his arrest in November 2018
  • Following the verdict the judge revoked Padikal’s bail and deferred sentencing for 60 days for a mental health assessment and a pre-sentence investigation

By Luke Kenton For, June 23, 2019

The answer is that that he is an immigrant—according to his CV, both at ResearchGate and on file at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, he did his undergraduate study at the University of Kerala, in Thiruvananthapuram, India, after which he came to America to study, and never went home.

Other ways of not saying "Indian Immigrant Convicted Of Child Abuse" include Former Bensalem resident convicted of sexually abusing girl,, Bucks County Physicist Found Guilty Of Sexually Abusing 8-Year-Old Girl Nearly Every Day For 2 Years
and Hainesport Man Convicted Of Child Sex Assault In Pennsylvania.

Bucks County and Bensalem are in Pennsylvania, where the offence took place, Haineport is in New Jersey, where Padikal resided more recently, and why the Daily Mail referred to him as a "New Jersey Man". But no one is going to refer to him as Indian immigrant, except possibly the Times Of India.

By the way, this guy, except for being crazy and evil, is the kind of immigrant of whom Mitt Romney said that he wanted to "staple a green card" to their diploma. That turns out to not be a good idea, especially with immigrants from the Indian Subcontinent.

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