In The Breonna Taylor Case, Kristen Clarke's Civil Rights Division Is Targeting White Police Officers For Policing While White
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I have addressed the completely racially motivated charges against former Louisville Police Department (LPD) Detective Brett Hankison, now I will review the charges against Joshua James and Kyle Meany.

The two detectives with LPD were in charge of the investigation involving Breonna Taylor and Jamarcus Glover, her former boyfriend and known drug dealer. As usual, the CRD ignores the underlying crime, drug trafficking by blacks, which increasingly involves black women as accessories to their boyfriends’ trafficking schemes.

Glover’s involvement in drug dealing is beyond question, so it is studiously ignored by the Department of Justice (DOJ) Civil Rights Division (CRD). That is par for the course. In almost every criminal case involving the CRD there is an underlying crime that shall not be mentioned when investigating, charging, and in press releases, and that crime usually involves black criminality.

In the case of Breonna Taylor, she was just stupid. Unable to hold a regular job, she relied on affirmative action to be hired at various jobs, but never stuck around for long, jumping from job to job. She did like cohabitating with men though, and thoroughly enjoyed working with Glover in his drug sales schemes.

We know she was involved because Glover had access to her current apartment and she was seen couriering drugs for him. We also know she is stupid because on the night she was shot, the police knocked and announced their presence with a warrant. But instead of opening the door and submitting to a search, she and her new boyfriend decided to shoot it out with the police. And contrary to the lies spread by the head of the CRD, she was not shot in her bed, but in the hallway.

Why was she in the hallway while her boyfriend was firing at the police officers? That is a good question. According to the police offices at the scene, they decided not to utilize the “no-knock” option on the search warrant, but knocked and announced themselves as police with a search warrant.

Instead of opening the door peaceably, Kenneth Walker, armed himself and both just waited. They did not call the police and report an attempted home invasion, they just waited. That is not the behavior of an innocent. An innocent would have either opened the door or called the police. Case closed in my book.

They claimed that they thought it was intruders because after the banging on the door, they called out and had no response from the supposed intruders. That is a lie, as witnesses confirm the police announced themselves.

Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, also gives an interview to ABC News and Louisville’s Courier-Journal. He recounts what he witnessed on the night she died.

Walker says that after he and Taylor heard the banging on the door and there was no response when Taylor “screamed out, ‘Who is it,’” he grabbed his legally owned gun and they went to answer the door.

“When we get right in the doorway of the bedroom, the door flies open,” Walker says. “Protect Breonna. Protect myself. That’s what’s going through my head. I figure it’s intruders … I couldn’t see anybody. It was pitch black.”

[Timeline: Inside The Investigation Of Breonna Taylor’s Killing And Its Aftermath, by Christina Carrega and Sabina Ghebremedhin, ABC News, November 17, 2020]

The police officers serving the warrant did not do the usual, knock, announce, wait a reasonable amount of time, then break down the door; they waited longer than usual, sadly giving Taylor and Walker time to plan to resist the execution of a lawful search warrant, ultimately resulting in Taylor’s death.

“We expected that Breonna was going to be there by herself. That’s why we gave her so much time, and in my opinion, that was a mistake,” Mattingly tells “Good Morning America” co-anchor Michael Strahan. “What I would have done differently, the answer to that is simple now that I’ve been thinking about it. Number one, we would have either served the no-knock warrant or we would have done the normal thing we do, which is five to 10 seconds to not give people time to formulate a plan, not give people time time [sic] to get their senses so they have an idea of what they’re doing. Because if that had happened … Breonna Taylor would be alive, 100%.”

So, the reason Taylor is dead is because she, for some strange reason, did not want her apartment searched. Which, by the way, it was not, as after the shooting, no search was made due to the shooting investigation taking priority.

These are facts that the CRD does not want you to know, but it is even worse. The head of CRD, Kristen Clarke, actively spread lies about the shooting. This should disqualify her from making any decision or directing prosecution. (H/T Flag & Cross)

Here are four times that Clarke lied to the public about Taylor, saying she was shot in her bed. She was not, she was standing in her hallway and not opening the door for the police who knocked and announced themselves.

The openly anti-white racist Clarke also worked with Taylor’s family to persecute these white police officers. Do you think that the families of whites murdered by blacks have access to Kristen Clarke? Of course not. That is a privilege reserved for blacks.

Now, the case against Detectives James and Meany is based on a claim that they had little or no evidence that connected Taylor to drug dealing. They make much of a supposedly false claim in the warrant application that packages of drugs were delivered by the Post Office and that the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) denied any knowledge of this.

Louisville Postal Inspector Tony Gooden says that his office was not a part of an inspection of possible drug trafficking activity in packages delivered to Breonna Taylor’s address.

Now, the refutation by USPIS is quite vague, and likely deliberately so, as it only denies that USPIS was part of an inspection involving Taylor. The wording is quite strange as well; the Postal Inspectors perform criminal investigations, not inspections, despite their title, and never refer to their investigations as inspections. More important, if USPIS was not part of an investigation of Taylor, that does not mean that they did not pass on information informally to the LPD for them to investigate, as the USPIS does have limited resources. Likely what happened was that the local Postal Inspectors were overwhelmed and passed on a tip that drugs were being received by Taylor and Glover.

There is also a strange claim that private sector records from the CLEAR system, a private data clearing house used by law enforcement, debt collectors, and others, that showed Glover lived at Taylor’s residence were deliberately misconstrued by the detectives who claimed Glover lived with Taylor. This makes no sense, as the investigative activity of the detectives shows they knew that they were investigating two people, Taylor and Glover, with two separate residences. The detectives also confirmed that Glover had independent access to Taylor’s apartment. So, the claim in the indictment of Meany and James that reference to Glover living with Taylor seems contrived to pad the indictment.

Even the indictment of Meany and James admits that there is information against Taylor, slyly claiming it is stale.

The object of the conspiracy was to cover up the fact that the Springfield Drive warrant affidavit was false, misleading, stale, and unsupported by probable cause, by (1) submitting a false Investigative Letter and (2) making false statements to criminal investigators.
[Indictment, unattributed, August 3, 2002]

Claiming information was stale is a tacit admission that the search warrant was good, but contained old information. All the more strange in that a search warrant was just obtained against Donald Trump for holding records from his administration, while that information about those records was over a year old. If that is not stale, then the information about Taylor is not stale as well. It is just the story of double standards. One for whites, and one for all the others. The fundamental claim that the Taylor search warrant did not support probable cause is, at best, conjecture based on some possible falsified information, but ignores the totality of the investigation which closely connected Taylor to drug dealing and certainly provides probable cause. In the end, a judge signed it. One would have to prove that all the information in the warrant application was false, as the point in the search warrant application about the mailing of drugs was just a small aspect of the investigation of Taylor and Glover. Now, if making a false statement in support of a warrant and covering up that falsified information is a civil rights violation, then why haven’t all the attorneys and agents involved in the Russiagate fraudulent investigation of President Trump been indicted? Why hasn’t Hillary Clinton, whose campaign paid for the Steele Dossier and shopped it to the FBI and the DOJ, been indicted for conspiracy to violate Donald Trump’s civil rights? Because, crimes against whites are not something that the CRD investigates, as I have shown. All the more, why has this case of testilying by local cops become a Federal case.

Now it is commonly known that local cops will tell minor lies in the cases they bring. Usually it involves the factual basis for a Terry Stop. Claims like: I saw the subject look furtively around as if checking to see if anyone was watching, I saw a bulge on the subject’s waistband, I saw the subject stopping at parked cars and look in, etc. Defense attorneys call it testilying. The usual result is not some innocent harassed, but drugs, weapons, stolen property, and burglary tools found by an aggressive officer.

I knew an attorney in a major city’s public defender’s office who said he preferred Federal Agents to local cops, because Feds did not testily. I didn’t disabuse him of that belief, but the import of testilying is greatly exaggerated, for as in civil rights cases, they are not used against the innocent, but by definition against the guilty. Lying about the facts surrounding the justification for a stop and frisk of a suspicious person, then finding the murder weapon is a big difference from the claim that these little lies are putting innocent persons in prison. Yeah, local cops testily, but it is more like Dirty Harry Callahan getting the confession by foul means than a white sheriff beating freedom riders. If every minor lie by a local cop is a Federal case, then the CRD better start investigating black cops who lie. But that will not happen. It only happens when the cops are white.

Breonna Taylor is no innocent, she was not some marcher beaten for sitting at a lunch counter. She was involved in drug dealing. Whether or not there was a mailing of drugs involved is of little consequence and shows how far the anti-white CRD has to reach for a civil rights violation when they could indict the top leadership of the FBI and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as well as Hillary Clinton and her lawyers for a real civil rights violations.

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