In 1981, A Young Black Man In Arkansas Killed A White Girl With A Piece Of Concrete—Here's How White People Are To Blame
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Here's NYT reporter James Risen on the death of girl in Arkansas in 1981.

There's more at James Risen's Twitter, and it's literally old news, I. E. Risen investigated it in the 90s: Clinton's Ties to Controversial Medical Examiner Questioned, James Risen And Edwin Chen, May 19, 1992.

There is plenty of evidence that Bill Clinton's mother was incompetent in this case, and so was Dr. Malak. (How did a guy named Fahmy Malak—the WSJ described him as "Egyptian-born"—get to be chief medical examiner in Arkansas?)

Evidence that Bill Clinton was corrupt and covered stuff up is now a work of supererogation, although the Democratic Party still stands by him and Mrs. Clinton.

But Risen is only allowed to mention that Washington was black and Susan Deering white because he's implying that it's the white people in the operating room who are solely responsible Susan Deering's death, after a thrown chunk of concrete caused  shattering, life-threatening wounds..."unbelievably".

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