Impeachment Of Judges The Answer To Kitarch Ann M. Donnelly's Sabotage Of Trump Refugee Order
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You can read this entire New York Times paean of praise to Ann M. Donnelly, the Obama-appointed federal judge who has (partly) blocked part of Donald Trump's (very modest) Executive Order temporarily suspending refugee and other entries from terror-implicated countries without seeing any discussion of the, well, law: Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Refugee Order Praised for ‘Firm Moral Compass,’ by Christopher Miele, January 29, 2017.

That's quite appropriate, because over the last few decades judges have become kritarchs, expected to impose Leftist orthodoxy regardless of traditional legal considerations. They have decided to be legislators.'s position: legislators should face elections—i.e. impeachment. (Discussions here and here and here).

Impeachment is one of these things the conventional wisdom dismisses as unthinkable until it appear of possible benefit to Democrats. Lest we forget: Democrats were seriously discussing impeaching Supreme Court Justices if they ruled the wrong way on Obamacare.

Recently I wrote, reflecting on the Leftist tantrum over Trump's inauguration, that "it will come to blood." Well, it will also come to impeachment. America's institutions, designed for a homogeneous population, are buckling under the strain of government-imported diversity. It's impeachment—or Civil War II.



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