Immigration Patriots In Border Patrol Union Go After Traitor Joe
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If you want to know what rank-and-file border agents think about Traitor Joe and his border treason, take a look at the Twitter feed of the National Border Patrol Council.

Of course, the union doesn’t speak for every agent, but it’s safe to say it speaks for most of them.

“We're old enough to remember a time when we had a man in the Oval Office who was actually working to secure our border and safeguard Americans,” says a tweet over a photo of POTUS 45 Trump.

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And for those who don’t understand that jumping the border is illegal, the union offers an analogy:

Jumping our border to ask for asylum is like stealing a car to take your driver license test.

Open border radicals' logic says you erase a criminal act because you're using it to facilitate something else.

Asking for asylum is legal. So is taking a driver license test.


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Immigration patriots are clearly in charge of the Twitter feed...and, of course, the union.

Another tweet explained that jumping the border is a crime, not just an “administrative” violation of the law. And Let’s Go Brandon’s Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas, doesn’t think illegally crossing the border is even that bad.

“Fact: Illegal Alien is a legal term,” the tweet begins. “If you don’t like it, change the law.”

Another fact:

Crashing the border is a crime, punishable by 6 months 1st offense & 2 years 2nd offense. Fines in addition to, not in lieu of. Go to a port to enter the right way.

Open border radicals hate facts.

And for the last sample of where the union stands, get a load of this: a not-so-subtle jab about China Joe’s 10 percent cut of Hunter Biden’s biz deal with a Chicom energy company. A tweet called Biden the “Big Guy," just as dope fiend Hunter did in one of his famous emails.

Joe Biden killing border security, importing millions of illegal aliens and kowtowing to the open border radicals is really paying off with the American people. Big Guy needs new people whispering orders in his ear.

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Even better, the union acknowledges what VDARE has said about Brandon and his border policies more than once: The border “crisis” is not a sign of “failure” or his “incompetence.” It is planned.

The union:

Does anyone really think that Biden's DHS will actually remove the vast majority of the millions of people who succeed in getting by us? Or anyone allowed in on an asylum claim, even if it's denied later?

They won't. ICE is handcuffed.@POTUS  wants this. Border Czar @VP clueless.

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The feed is a rich vein of anti-Brandon ore. Immigration patriots should mine and retweet it.

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